User Guide

Parent mODE

Parent mode consist of 3 sections : CONTROLS, DATA/ANALYTICS, GENERAL. The controls section provides options such as Applications management, wallpaper, PIN, schedule, add web shortcuts, settings, Application analytics etc.


(i) Applications

Parents can select the applications that the kids will have access on the dashboard Just tick the application from the list and those applications will appear on the dashboard. Parents can also disable/hide applications on the mobile device by clicking on the lock icon.

(ii) Wallpaper

A picture can be taken from the camera Or wallpaper can be added from the image gallery.

(iii) PIN

A PIN is required to exit the dashboard. The default PIN is 0000. 4-digit PIN can be set. User can be forced to enter PIN at the launch of Kids Dashboard application.

(iv) Schedule

Daily limit for the use of the device can be set. Scheduling function can be defined to specify day and time of use.

Beyond the scheduled time the device screen will display a lock screen.

(v) Add web shortcuts

Shortcuts for websites can be added in the dashboard.

(vi) Settings

1) Labels : Labels such as a heading text on the dashboard, battery status, date/time can be enabled.


2) Shortcuts : If this setting is disabled, the exit and the settings icons won’t be shown on the dashboard screen.


3) Volume Control : Volume key is disabled by default in the dashboard. We can enable it here. If we wan’t to disable it again, just uncheck the checkbox.

4) Disable Recents Button : Hardware key named recents key can be disabled.


(i)Application Analytics

Application Analytics Screen displays the application usage statistic.


This is the section where you can Contact us, Rate us, Share this app to your friends and family, Support us for getting premium features.


The dashboard is the launcher screen that Kids have access to. The applications selected by the parent is visible on the dashboard screen. To exit the dashboard screen, the parent can tap on the screen 5 times or press the EXIT icon. Password will be required to exit the dashboard screen