Step-By-Step Installation Guide


Open Google Play and search Kids Dashboard (Parental Control KIDS MODE APP).


Select Kids Dashboard (Parental control KIDS MODE APP) and tap INSTALL. You will be asked to grant access to the app. Tap ACCEPT.


The app will start to download and install.


Once installation is complete, tap Open.


Tap Skip Login.


The app will ask you to enable Accessibility permission. Just tap Continue. This will take you to the settings screen automatically.


Enable KIDS DASHBOARD by tapping OKTap back arrow on the top-left of the screen to return to the accessibility settings of your device. Tap again to reach our app.


You will reach the settings of our app. Tap Applications button for selecting the apps you need to give access to your child.


Select the apps you like by checking the box corresponding to the app. Then tap Back key of your device, simply tap Dashboard.


All set! 

The 3 apps we selected(as shown in the picture here) are for demo purposes only. That is to show that we can select any app we like.

We can also see things like battery percentage on the top of the Screen(although it is not showed in the picture here).

Happy parenting!