Cloud Guide


To login to the cloud console, visit and click the Sign In button.
Please use the same login credentials that was used to login to the mobile application. The user can also use Google Sign in. 


The dashboard provides a holistic view of all kids’ profiles.
When a particular kid’s profile is selected, you can view the application usage analytics, location, location alerts, browser history etc.

Date filter on the top right can be used to filter the dashboard analytics.


The application can be added to the dashboard by selecting “Add to Dashboard” option. An application can be hidden from the device by selecting the “ Hide/Disallow Apps”. Please press APPLY for the changes to be pushed to the device.


Parent can set a daily time limit or schedule daily usage limits. When the time expires the device will be locked. 


Wallpaper can be updated and deleted.


Settings like battery status, lock application, labels, date time settings can be set from this settings menu.

(vi)Advance Settings

Advanced settings are only applicable for Samsung devices. Hardware keys can be disabled. Wipe functionality can be used to uninstall apps, clear data, clear web cookies, call and SMS logs.


The application PIN code can be updated.

(viii)Web Shortcut

URL links can be added to the dashboard using this menu option.


Zones can be added for geo-fencing purposes. When a device enters or leaves the zone, alerts will appear on the cloud console.