Transform any Mobile device to a safe Kids mode device with restrictions to ensure safety and stops e-addiction

Application Lockdown/KIOSK

▪ Choose the application that will be accessible on a dashboard
▪ Blocks playstore access
▪ Calls can be restricted
▪ Lockdown mode stays even after reboot

Screen Time

▪ Set daily time limit for device usage. Parents can extend usage time with password
▪ Schedule weekly usage
▪ Countdown timer to indicate how much time is left

Simple and Intuitive

▪ Once kids lockdown mode is setup, Parents can enter kids mode by just launching the Kinder safety app

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Analytics and AI

▪ Per application usage statistics . Filter based on dates


▪ Ability to set wallpaper from any dowloaded images
▪ Ability to type any custom text on top of the screen
▪ Enable clock on top of the screen
▪ Ability to display Serial number on the screen
▪ Icon background can be changed
▪ Exit and Settings icons can be displayed on the dashboard screen

Security & protection

▪ Only authorised user can access settings using password
▪ Tap on the dashboard screen 5 times to enter password
▪ Password screen disappears after 5 seconds of inactivity

People Behind Kids Dashboard

World class engineers

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Joby Jose
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Joby Jose

Technology Consultant

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  • World class technology consulting at an affordable price. Kudos!

  • Top quality cross platform application was developed in record time.

  • Just in time deployment process is just impressive


Do you develop OEM specific apps

YES, we specialise in OEM apps. We exploit OEM capabilities in our APP development process.

What is the support process

We provide both email and call support 12/7/365

Which platforms do you support for APP development

Application can be developed for Windows,Android and MAC. There will be some differences in UI and functionality.

What is your area of expertise in consulting

We provide all forms of Technology consulting. We specialize in mobility consulting.

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